“In High School Musical, Gabriella had Troy. In Mean Girls, Regina George had Aa…

“In High School Musical, Gabriella had Troy. In Mean Girls, Regina George had Aaron Samuels (well, technically, Regina George had everyone). In Grease, Sandy had Danny.
Movies make it seem as if being in a relationship is part of the whole high school experience. But what happens when you grow up watching these movies and end up not getting into in a relationship once high school actually starts?
As a kid, I always looked forward to being a teenager, especially my high school years. The films made life seem so fun and exciting. I thought I’d look the way girls in high school movies did; I thought my friends and I would spend every single day at the mall after school; I thought I’d be a cheerleader; and, of course, I thought I’d have a cute boyfriend who showered me with boxes of Godiva after football practice.
What I didn’t realize was that high school was, in fact, a different experience for everyone.
Freshman year, my best friend got into a relationship, and it didn’t take too long for our other friends to follow. “Don’t worry,” they assured me. “You’re next.” And I didn’t worry, not at all. I was overflowing with joy whenever my friends gushed about how in love they were. “Someday,” I thought to myself. “Someone’s gonna make me that happy.” But then came sophomore year. After having tons of people to eat lunch with the previous year, I started sleeping through lunch, because I didn’t actually have anyone to spend it with anymore. To my left sat my friend and her boyfriend; behind me, my best friend sat with his girlfriend. It’s a weird feeling, being surrounded by your friends, yet having no one to talk to because they’re too invested in their significant others to even ask if you’ve had lunch.
Two weeks ago, I asked our AP teacher a question, to which she replied, “You should try having a boyfriend. Maybe you’d know the answer to that.”
I thought about how easy she made it seem, but then I realized how easy everyone made it seem. The people in the movies, my friends, the internet—they all made it sound so simple. (Continues in the comments) #caliradquotes 💛


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